Affiliated Company Pages - Overview

What is an affiliated Company Page?

Last Reviewed: 09/19/2014
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An affiliated Company Page is a Company Page that's linked to another Company Page. It can represent a subsidiary, an acquired company, or a regional market. All Company Page functionality is available to an affiliate page.

Important: Using affiliated Company Pages can make coordination between teams more challenging. It can also be more challenging for members to discover your page. We strongly recommend trying one or more of the following options before creating an affiliated page.

  • Create a Showcase Page - Often the best choice for a subsidiary or business unit.
  • Additional admins - Often the best choice for regional teams. When you add other administrators to the parent Company Page or Showcase Page, they can send targeted Company Updates to only the countries and languages relevant to their market. Members won't see updates that are not targeted to them, even on the page.

Affiliated Company Pages may be necessary when:

  • A company has been acquired and the parent company wants to establish a relationship with the acquired company's Company Page.
  • There are distinct recruiting needs from the parent Company Page.
  • A team needs separate page analytics, admins, a distinct hero image, distinct followers, and/or distinct Showcase Pages.

If you'd like to set up an affiliated Company Page or request to have an existing acquired Company Page be affiliated to your page, please contact us.


  • You must be an admin of the acquired Company Page to request affiliation.
  • Even if an acquired company's brand no longer exists,we won't remove the acquired company's Company Page.
  • We won't move followers from the Company Page of an acquired Company Page to another Company Page.
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