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Becoming an Administrator for Your Company Page

How can I become an administrator for my Company Page?

Last Reviewed: 07/09/2014
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Administrative rights are automatically granted to the creator of a Company Page as part of the creation process. Only company administrators can edit Company Pages, add or remove other admins, and send company updates. If you have administrative rights, you’ll see a blue Edit button on the Home tab of your Company Page. Other users designated by the page creator may also have administrative rights.

To request administrative rights from your Company Page admin:

  1. Add and confirm the email address you use at your company to your LinkedIn profile.
  2. List your current position with the company on your profile.
  3. Go to your Company Page and scroll down until you see the Want to help manage this page? section on the right.
  4. Click See admins to see the list of admins for your Company Page.
  5. If you are a 1st degree connection to any of the admins, you can message them directly from the admin module or feel free to contact them directly with your questions and request to become an additional admin for the company page. If you’re not a 1st degree connection of any admin(s), you’ll need to connect with the admin before you can message the member on LinkedIn.
    • If you are an agency, social media partner, or a third party working for a Company Page customer, you will need to reach out to your contact at the company to determine who the Company Page Admin’s are.
    • You may want to send them the instructions for how to add or remove admins.

Once you've been added as an admin, you'll see a blue Edit button in the top right of your Company Page.

Note: LinkedIn Customer Support can't edit the admin list unless there's a technical issue.

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