Privately Looking for a Job

How do I keep my job search a secret?

Last Reviewed: 06/27/2013
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If you're embarking on a job search, consider these tips:

  • Just because you use LinkedIn doesn't mean you're looking for a job. Many people use LinkedIn to keep in contact with others and to help them succeed in their current position.
  • No updates are sent out when you apply for a job on LinkedIn.
  • Updates you post may be seen by your network or others viewing your profile.

You may also want to review your current Privacy & Settings:

If you have a Job Seeker Premium account, you can turn the Job Seeker badge on or off from the Premium Badge section of your Settings page.

If you're participating in groups for job seekers on LinkedIn, you can choose to not show the group logo on your profile or prevent updates from being sent when you join a group. Note: If you do want your network to know you're looking for a job, share an update from your home page.

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