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LinkedIn’s Moderation Process for Groups - Overview

How does LinkedIn minimize spam across all of its groups?

Last Reviewed: 04/02/2014
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Why do we have moderation in LinkedIn Groups?

Group management provides the first line of defense for determining what contributions are appropriate in their groups. To do this, all groups offer the option for management to change the posting permissions of individual members or set certain permissions for the whole group.

However, those group-specific options do not prevent unwanted activity like self-promotion and postings unrelated to the group's intent from being repeated from one group to the next. To help limit repeated occurrences, we also maintain a system that helps the groups community identify undesirable activity in all groups, and prevent that activity from recurring in other groups.

We want to make sure that legitimate activities aren't affected by this process. But based on member feedback, we weren't doing enough to avoid those situations. As a result, we've recently started enhancing our system, like giving more weight to a poster's positive contributions and reducing the time that a member's postings are affected by the system.

How does moderation across groups work?

We monitor ongoing member feedback to determine when someone may be posting content that group members don't feel aligns with the intent of that group or groups.

  • Both positive and negative member feedback about contributions across all groups is used to gauge a member's contribution.
  • When that overall feedback on contributions gets below a certain level, the member's contributions could become subject to moderation in all of their groups.
  • If someone becomes subject to moderation in all of their groups, it may last from a few days to a couple of weeks per incident. The time varies based on the member's history of contributions across all their groups.
  • Group management won't be subject to moderation in their own groups, but if they're flagged, it will affect their overall contribution level and could affect whether they're moderated in other groups.
  • Learn more about what's considered appropriate activity in groups.

When members make more relevant posts across all their groups, it's reflected in their contribution levels. Conversely, feedback that detracts from your contribution level includes factors like:

  • Being blocked and deleted from a group by group management
  • Comments or posts deleted by group management
  • Posts moved to the Jobs or Promotions tab, unless they were moved there from a moderation queue
  • Contributions flagged as inappropriate, as a job, or as a promotion by members
  • Mass postings of links to multiple groups with inadequate context or relevance

Note: We're committed to our members' privacy, so we're unable to share specifically who has flagged, deleted, or blocked any contributions. The contribution level is developed from a combination of factors, and cannot be tracked back to a single individual.

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