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Deleting a Company Page

How do I remove an existing Company Page?

Last Reviewed: 01/13/2014
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Your LinkedIn Company Page can only be deleted by our customer support team if you're an assigned Company Page administrator, and you have fewer than 5 employees affiliated with the page.

Unlike your personal account, a Company Page is owned by all employees and not a single person or entity. We don't allow administrators to remove Company Pages directly, because it affects the accounts of LinkedIn members who have affiliated their profiles with that Company Page.

If you still wish to remove your company page, please contact us with the following information:

  • The company name exactly as it appears on the LinkedIn site
  • The URL associated with your company page
  • The reason the page should be removed

IMPORTANT: Once the company page is removed, the company name and email domain will not be available for future use unless you contact us again.

Instead of deleting a Company Page, you can also update the name or other information.

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