Purchasing Team Accounts vs. Individual Accounts

Where do I go to purchase a Premium account for myself or for my team members?

Last Reviewed: 10/10/2013
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You can purchase accounts for yourself or for your team depending on your needs.

  • To purchase a Premium account for yourself only, go to the Premium Plan page.
  • To purchase accounts for multiple team members, you can go to the LinkedIn Premium Team Accounts page and bill them all to one credit card. When you make purchases from the page:
    • You grant the recipient of each Premium account by entering in their email address.
    • We'll send a welcome email asking the recipient to sign in or join LinkedIn before they can access the Premium account you've purchased.
  • If you're an administrator and also want a team account, you can grant yourself an account. You'll receive an activation email from yourself to start your upgrade. Note: Administrators of team accounts are not automatically granted accounts since their main responsibility is usually to manage users.

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