Company Updates - Overview

What is a Company Update?

Last Reviewed: 03/24/2014
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Company Updates allow your administrators to directly engage with viewers and followers of your Company Page. You can post and share items like company news, promotions, relevant industry articles, SlideShare presentations, and Vimeo and YouTube videos.

  • If you're an assigned Company Page administrator, you can post Company Updates from your Company Page Home tab.
  • LinkedIn members can see your Company Updates on your company's Home tab.
  • Followers of your Company Page will also get the updates on their homepage.
  • Any LinkedIn member can comment on, like, or share a Company Update. Once a member takes one of these actions on an update, their network will also see the update in their homepage feed.
  • When a Company Page administrator comments on or likes an update, it will appear as the company commenting on or liking the post.
  • Company Updates support a varity of formats including text and a link to a website, image, SlideShare presentation, or YouTube and Vimeo video. URLs will be automatically shortened by LinkedIn's URL shortener.
  • Read some best practices for Company Page updates.

Here's more information about Company Updates:

  • You can see impressions and engagement information on visible updates.
  • Posts can be up to 600 characters, including spaces. Shared link titles and descriptions can be up to 250 characters each.

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