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  1. When i click contact info button nothing happens. changed browsers as instructed by LI support, doesnt work on chrome or ie. Anyone have a fix or idea?.
    62 responses 2 votes Contact Info
    Asked by R.Woody Daroca on 9/26/14 12:25 pm
  2. LinkedIn accessed my email contacts and sent invitations to ALL of them!! How embarrassing, as some I am no longer in contact with. Is there any easy way undo this besides...
    8 responses 0 votes Unauthorized Access
    Asked by Christine Simon on 9/29/14 08:02 am
  3. I am the admin of 2 business pages. When I hover above my picture in the upper right hand corner, there is only one business page listed under Company Page.
    4 responses 0 votes How Do I Access Company Page
    Asked by Grant Kegley on 9/29/14 11:01 am
  4. Imagine the situation that two people (e.g. a couple) both have an LI account and , as a *secondary* emailaddress, both use the same one: If somebody...
    Asked by Huub Ritzema on 9/29/14 03:19 pm