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  1. The company I work for changed it's name 4 years ago, but there is an old business profile on Linkedin that no one has access to that currently works here. How do I go about...
    1 response 0 votes Profile Delete, Business Profiles
    Asked by Caroline Schibel on 4/24/14 11:46 am
  2. I have found other LinkedIn members who have experienced this same issue with groups in which they have been members in good standing for some time. I managed to discuss this...
    20 responses 2 votes Update, Why Blocked, Submitted For Review, Review
    Asked by Lewis Larsen on 8/24/13 01:02 pm
  3. How can I prevent Linked In anonymous members from viewing my profile? Please let me know.
    Asked by Reza Farzan on 6/18/13 06:14 am
  4. I am a company page administrator. I want to be able to 'Like' posts on our Company page feed as myself, not as the Company, but can't see how to change this. Does anyone have...
    13 responses 2 votes Likes, Company Administrator
    Asked by Paula Lammey on 8/18/13 11:26 pm