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  1. Stupid me should have learned that nothing comes for free…At the risk of spreading my own stupidity, I have to share a warning against LinkedIn “free trials”!
    Asked by Steven Petty on 11/26/14 07:09 am
  2. Everytime I give Linkedin permission to go through my outlook database I end up a week or two later with Linkedin not allowing me to invite people to join me on Linkedin...
    Asked by Robert M.Cohen BBA, MBA, DBA on 8/19/13 10:47 am
  3. Hi, is there any way to create "subsets" within your connections, so that when you post an update, you could send it to only those people who you think would be interested in...
    Asked by Hans Thoma on 11/25/14 09:37 pm
  4. I find it inappropriate to have birthday updates sent. How can this be turned off? Will stopping all "activity" broadcasts" accomplish this?
    Asked by David Bertoldi on 3/27/14 10:34 am