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  1. Can I send a mass mail/inmail to all my contacts rather than individually ? I would like to understand how this can be done
    5 responses 0 votes I Can Not Create, Linked-in Inmail
    Asked by Jesper Jelmteg on 12/18/14 07:22 am
  2. I posted and embedded a hyperlink to an HBR article. A colleague emailed me to say it did not work. It works for me in IE 8 and Chrome. Another colleague said it worked in...
    Asked by Bob Walker on 12/18/14 01:54 pm
  3. Hi everyone, I am trying to upload a video to the summary part of my profile. There are two options which appear as though they should work. One is to upload the file. The...
    19 responses 1 votes Uploading Video
    Asked by Evan Bailey on 11/12/13 02:52 am
  4. I am wanting to share the university page, will work better if bi can get a URL in university name.
    2 responses 0 votes University Page
    Asked by Shashidhar Biradar on 12/18/14 06:58 am
  5. my page is Knowledge Insight but it doesn't show up in my search
    2 responses 0 votes Company Page
    Asked by Debra Fox on 12/18/14 09:13 am
  6. While deleting my previous linkedin account it said that i can restore all my contacts in my new account .How do i do that????
    Asked by Amruta J on 5/13/13 05:30 am
  7. Hi all, I added a number of my skill strengths in the Skills section of my profile. Whenever my profile is viewed only five of the skills appear as Top Skills while others are...
    Asked by Jacob Dagunduro on 2/11/14 11:43 pm
  8. What happened to the box in the right column with the latest activity, and the button that was always on the right under the latest activity? It was a great way to quickly see...
    2 responses 0 votes Activity Feeds, Latest Activity
    Asked by Arno Enzerink on 12/18/14 07:33 pm
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