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  1. I am being stalked by a member of Linkedin. This Janice Wolk Grenadie who has her name as JW G, now has taken messages and personal information about me and used it to...
    Asked by LORETTA LAX MILLER on 12/31/13 10:40 am
  2. Some time ago we could post books we were reading that connected to Amazon. Obviously that is no longer available. Other than it may not have been actively used by Linkedin...
    20 responses 5 votes Books, Reading List
    Asked by Dennis Kutzner on 10/29/13 02:43 pm
  3. LinkedIn's new interface has removed the option to immediately sort status updates by Recent and is only on Top. How can I get back to Recent and leave it there as my default....
    Asked by Erik Beckler on 4/18/14 01:38 pm
  4. How can I prevent Linked In anonymous members from viewing my profile? Please let me know.
    Asked by Reza Farzan on 6/18/13 06:14 am
  5. I just saw the following message: "Your posts across groups are being moderated temporarily because one of your recent contributions was marked as spam or flagged for not...
    41 responses 2 votes Moderation, Flagged
    Asked by Manuel Aicart on 2/26/14 09:51 am
  6. You have probably already seen the notice on your group page, if you manage a group. On May 15, LinkedIn is disabling the polling function within groups. Does this impact...
    2 responses 0 votes Polling, Linkedin Poll, Group Poll
    Asked by Clive Thomas on 4/18/14 08:56 am
  7. Any hints on how to do that? On my personal page and on my company page there is a paperclip icon, but not on a group discussion entry.
    2 responses 0 votes Group Discussions, Graphics
    Asked by Mary Evslin on 4/18/14 02:23 pm
  8. I found a mistake that if a Group manager marked one comment as spam or flagged, all your post in the rest of your groups are moderated and you have to send an email to the...
    Asked by Francisco Maroto on 2/22/14 05:17 pm
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