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  1. Does anyone know who to contact at LinkedIn Corporate to discuss and get trained on how all the Advertising Programs work so I can maximize on Advertising?
    3 responses 0 votes Advertising On Linkedin
    Asked by Andrew J. Kirchhoefer on 10/30/14 11:16 am
  2. Hello, I have a list of names and email address on excel file and I wanted to find out is there a way to get their profile URL and other profile information into excel ?...
    3 responses 0 votes Excel
    Asked by Satish Kumar on 10/30/14 01:59 am
  3. I just saw the following message: "Your posts across groups are being moderated temporarily because one of your recent contributions was marked as spam or flagged for not...
    152 responses 27 votes Moderation, Flagged
    Asked by Manuel Aicart on 2/26/14 09:51 am
  4. I now who is manager of natwest I want to know who the regional director
    2 responses 0 votes Feedback Wanted
    Asked by Kathleen harby harby on 10/30/14 04:43 pm
  5. 2 responses 0 votes How Do I Accept
    Asked by Tom Dumas on 10/30/14 12:07 pm
  6. I do not wish to download 200 something pages of a how-to-use LinkedIn booklet, although I do thank you for the offer. I just want the answer to where and how I can retrieve...
    2 responses 0 votes Email, Password, Email Password Problem
    Asked by Priscilla Clements on 10/30/14 01:16 pm
  7. When I click on the + button to add a background photo to my home page nothing happens!
    2 responses 0 votes Background Image
    Asked by John Aldridge on 10/30/14 08:33 am
  8. What's the difference between sharing an update to your connections, versus to the "public"? What does the word public mean? Every single LinkedIn member? I seriously doubt...
    2 responses 0 votes Sharing Update, Update Overview
    Asked by Hans Thoma on 10/29/14 07:31 pm
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