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  1. I have lots of inmails on my account but for some reason my ability to send inmails seems to have gone. The button to send inmails has gone. Any thoughts on why this has...
    12 responses 1 votes Inmails
    Asked by Cairon Pearson on 8/11/14 10:42 am
  2. I keep getting this message: "Sorry, there was a problem processing your request. Please try again".
    8 responses 0 votes Profiles Viewed
    Asked by Ludy Zoeller on 9/03/14 05:54 pm
  3. I have the job seeker premium and the 'Get more insights' usually opens after clicking on it, however for the past 2 days it has not. Any ideas?
    10 responses 1 votes Insights
    Asked by Quarine Ruperd on 9/12/14 03:08 pm
  4. One of my client trying to recommend me on the 2nd project we have worked together but it showing the recommendation already exist. Thus, i can't get recommend with same user...
    3 responses 0 votes Recommandation
    Asked by Karan Sagar on 9/16/14 02:33 pm
  5. Every few days my acct says "You are now connected to...." but I don't know these people and I never sent the invitations. When I look in my inbox for invitations and click on...
    Asked by Gary E.D. Alt, AIF®, CFP® on 3/20/13 01:23 am
  6. Hi, a week ago I hid my profile from public searched and now that I'm trying to make it visible again it keeps telling me "Profile not found". I even tried to make a...
    Asked by Anamariela Rodriguez on 9/15/14 06:04 pm
  7. I'm attempting to filter my contacts by location but I only get to choose from 5 locations and although there is a prompt to enter other locations it just doesn't work. Is...
    Asked by Samantha Arce on 11/13/13 10:28 am
  8. I just saw the following message: "Your posts across groups are being moderated temporarily because one of your recent contributions was marked as spam or flagged for not...
    141 responses 22 votes Moderation, Flagged
    Asked by Manuel Aicart on 2/26/14 09:51 am
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