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  1. In these LinkedIn Help Center Community Forums are thousands upon thousands of indexed questions, complaints, queries and comments in discussions with hundreds of thousands of...
    Asked by Sam Bailey on 10/24/14 10:22 pm
  2. I would like to change my invitation text. I don't see any way to access what is sent to invitees.
    16 responses 0 votes Invite
    Asked by Barb Zeiger on 1/14/14 08:29 am
  3. They won't allow you to make new connections. Someone at the home office needs to understand we don't use LinkedIn to contact people we know, but to find people we want to...
    Asked by Kevin Johnston on 10/25/14 07:52 am
  4. There is a need for more privacy settings on LinkedIN. Users need to be able to "open/hide" any section of their profile to various levels of privacy: Only me / 1st level...
    2 responses 0 votes Privacy, Improvements To Linkedin
    Asked by Ivan ADAM on 10/25/14 08:48 pm
  5. I feel that "anonymous" accounts are invasive to our privacy, whether they are free or have an account, which it's my understanding either way, anyone can select to be...
    Asked by Vivian M. Escalante on 8/20/14 04:54 pm
  6. I don't mind when people are only identified by their profession and I can see a list of who "might" have been the person to see my profile, but I'm concerned about the people...
    Asked by Suzanne Taylor on 3/28/13 09:39 am
  7. I want to be able to display two schools in the top/initial part of my profile, like my Previous work history. How/can I do that so that it would look like: Education...
    2 responses 0 votes Educational Display Summary
    Asked by Mark Kramer on 10/25/14 10:06 am
  8. Its clear what i need to do
    2 responses 0 votes Job Seeker Premium Free Account
    Asked by Michael Grimont on 10/25/14 02:30 pm
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