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  1. Every few days my acct says "You are now connected to...." but I don't know these people and I never sent the invitations. When I look in my inbox for invitations and click on...
    Asked by Gary E.D. Alt, AIF®, CFP® on 3/20/13 01:23 am
  2. Is there a way to allow the viewer to increase the size so attachment is readable?
    2 responses 0 votes Uploaded File
    Asked by Christine Dzus on 7/29/14 01:50 pm
  3. my notification flag icon....I am not able to see or retrieve any info just hangs. Its been like this for 3 days!!! any ideas? Holly
    17 responses 0 votes Notifications, Notification Flag
    Asked by Holly Chercover on 9/18/13 09:39 pm
  4. I fell for the "free trial" gimmick because I thought Linked In was reputable. I even received an email that indicated that my account was canceled before it was billed for...
    4 responses 0 votes Dishonest Bil
    Asked by John McElroy on 7/29/14 12:47 pm
  5. Im trying to post an update with an image it keeps saying " cant post w/o title -- I have a title ............
    3 responses 0 votes I Am Not Able To Post
    Asked by Sarah Key Burton on 7/29/14 12:21 pm
  6. I joined two Groups -- but cannot access the groups or leave them. I simply get a message that says "There Was a Problem Trying to Make This Connection." Any ideas how I can...
    3 responses 0 votes Groups
    Asked by John Rovito (2600+) on 7/29/14 12:34 pm
  7. Tower Climber Jobs Nationwide. Bringing tower climbers, foreman and project managers closer to the employer. We specialize in finding you a job.
    Asked by Josh Stremer on 7/29/14 03:52 pm
  8. I want to change my Primary email address to my personal one. The one I want to use does not show on my list of linked email addresses, but when I go to add it it says it's...
    Asked by Kevin Lee on 7/29/14 03:00 am
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