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  1. LinkedIn's answer is: To add or remove a tag: Move your cursor over Network at the top of your homepage and select Contacts. In the panel on the left, click the Manage link...
    18 responses 0 votes Tags
    Asked by Craig James on 6/11/13 12:58 pm
  2. I've gone through the trouble and time of tagging my contacts under the impression that it would be easier to send relevant messages to connection segments. For example, I...
    60 responses 3 votes Tags, Sending Messages, Tagging, Tagged
    Asked by Jayne Heggen on 4/04/13 03:11 pm
  3. Does anyone know how to export contacts AND tags in new linkedin?
    44 responses 4 votes Tags, Contacts App
    Asked by Duncan Harriss on 6/16/13 08:08 am
  4. yesterday I went through my 600 contacts and added tags. At the end of the day everything was fine. I can see that the tags were added properly. I then made the mistake of...
    Asked by Paul Davis on 4/26/13 12:39 pm