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  1. I've gone through the trouble and time of tagging my contacts under the impression that it would be easier to send relevant messages to connection segments. For example, I...
    44 responses 3 votes Tags, Sending Messages, Tagging, Tagged
    Asked by Jayne Heggen on 4/04/13 03:11 pm
  2. yesterday I went through my 600 contacts and added tags. At the end of the day everything was fine. I can see that the tags were added properly. I then made the mistake of...
    Asked by Paul Davis on 4/26/13 12:39 pm
  3. When adding tags to a discussion topic in the help forum - I need more time! I cant type fast enough and often get tags with half a word! We need a pause before the tag is...
    1 response 0 votes Entering Tags
    Asked by Sharon Eaton on 3/31/14 06:49 am
  4. For the past 3 days I keep tagging my contacts only to find out later that many tags are not saved with the contact that was tagged. It does not do that on all contacts, only...
    4 responses 0 votes Tags
    Asked by Danielle Hampson on 4/22/14 12:31 pm