Help with Resetting Your Password

What do I do if I forgot my password?

Last Reviewed: 06/29/2015
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You can reset your password on the Sign in page.

  1. Click the ? question mark beside the Password field or the Forgot password? link.
  2. Enter an email address you have on your account.
If you only have an email address on your account
  1. LinkedIn will email a link to reset your password to the email address you provided.
  2. Go to the email account and follow the instructions in the message from LinkedIn.
If you have a phone number on your account

You can also receive a text or have a call made to the phone number on your account.

  1. If you select to receive a text, LinkedIn will SMS a PIN number to your phone.
  2. If you select to receive a call, LinkedIn will call your phone number and read out the PIN number.
  3. Input the PIN number into the appropriate fields on the page.
  4. After inputting the PIN number, the next page will ask you to reset your password.

You may be asked for a two-step verification code if you have it enabled on your account.

Note: The password reset link and PIN are valid for a limited time. Once you successfully sign in, you can add another email address or a phone number to make sure you can always access your account in the future.

Learn more if you're not receiving LinkedIn emails, to confirm that your email settings are correct. If you're unable to sign in after changing your password, clear your browser's cookies and remove your saved passwords or try to sign in with a different browser.

If you still have problems accessing your account, here are some additional tips to check out.

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