Removing People from a Company Page

How do I remove people who don't belong on my Company Page?

Last Reviewed: 07/10/2015
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The Employees on LinkedIn feature on a Company Page represents the total number of LinkedIn members who've affiliated their work experience with your company. It's not meant to be a source of truth or a way to validate company size. It's only a reflection of member-provided data.

Since members provide this data, it's not possible for an administrator to remove employees from a Company Page. If the member is a former employee of the company, we recommend you request the member update their profile.

If you'd like us to investigate further, you can file a formal complaint using the Notice of False Profile form.

We'll review your request and respond as soon as possible.

Important: Any assertions made by you in submitting this form are under penalty of perjury. We may provide the contact information included in claims about inaccurate or unlawful profile information, including an email address, to the member that posted the allegedly inaccurate content. You can also find a link to our Copyright Policy under Privacy & Terms on the right side of your homepage. This details LinkedIn's policy for handling these claims.

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