Communicating with a Fellow Group Member

How do I send a message to a group member and allow them to contact me?

Last Reviewed: 01/11/2016
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You can send a message to a group member without being connected, and adjust your Member Message settings from within the group. However, there are limits:

  1. You can send 15 free 1:1 group messages to fellow group members each month. This limit is set for all the groups you belong to and not for each group individually. If you go over the limit, you'll see an error message until the next month begins.
    • Unsent messages don't carry over to the next month. This limit includes messages sent directly from a group, to your 1st degree connections.
    • Only the original message is counted towards the limit. Any back-and-forth replies from either party won’t count towards the 15 message allotment.
    • If you need to send more messages for recruiting, promoting, or connecting with members outside your network, we offer many alternatives. Please check out our Premium accounts or Recruiter product options which include InMail messages and recruiting tools to make the most of LinkedIn.
  2. You have to be a member of a group for at least 4 days.
  3. You have to be a member of LinkedIn for at least 30 days in order to send messages to fellow group members.

To send a free message directly to a group member:

From the member list
  1. Move your cursor over Interests at the top of your homepage and select Groups.
  2. Click the group's name from the My Groups dropdown.
  3. Click the number of members in the group underneath the group name.
  4. Click the Send message link under the member's name.
    • This link will appear only if the member's settings allow them to be contacted by other group members.
  5. Your inbox will appear.
  6. Create your message and click Send Message.
Privately reply to a conversation someone posted
  1. Click the Dropdown icon next to the conversation.
  2. Click Reply privately.
  3. Your inbox will appear.
  4. Create your message and click Send Message.

If you're an owner, manager, or moderator of a group, you can also message members from the Manage tab under Members.

Group owners and managers can send unlimited messages to members in groups that they manage. Owners and managers also have access to templated/automated messages under the Manage tab to explain why a member was declined from joining a group.

Owners can use these templates to control automated messages that are triggered by a 'Request to join' or 'Decline' action. Learn more about managing message templates for your group.

Learn about adjusting your Group Member Messages settings.

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