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What information is available from the Analytics tab?

Last Reviewed: 10/14/2015
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The Analytics tab provides companies with metrics and trends about their Company Page. Company Page administrators can view rich data about their Company Page divided into specific sections: Updates, Followers, and Visitors.

Updates section

The Company Updates section has 3 areas: Updates, Reach, and Engagement.

  1. Updates: A table showing the most recent updates and the following data:
    • Preview - Shows the first few words of your post if it included text. If only an image was posted, administrator will see the image's alt text or file type.
    • Date - The date each update was posted.
    • Audience- Indicates whether the update was sent to all followers or targeted.
    • Sponsored - Shows which campaign(s) you've sponsored an update in, if any. Learn about sponsoring updates.
    • Impressions - The number of times each update was shown to LinkedIn members.
    • Clicks - The number of clicks on your content, company name, or logo. This doesn't include interactions (shares, likes, and comments).
    • Interactions - The number of times people have liked, commented on, and shared each update.
    • Followers Acquired- How many followers you gained by promoting each update.
    • Engagement - This percentage shows the number of interactions plus the number of clicks and followers acquired, divided by the number of impressions.
  2. Reach: A graph showing the trend on the number of times your updates were seen both organically and through paid campaigns on a daily basis. Use the dropdown on the left side of the page to change the date range.
  3. Engagement: A graph displaying the number of times members clicked, liked, commented on, and shared your content in both organic and sponsored campaigns. You can adjust the date range with the dropdown on the left.
Followers section

The Followers section is divided into 4 areas and provides information on where followers are coming from, their demographics, trends, and competitive comparisons.

  1. Type:
    • Total - The total number of LinkedIn members following your Company Page. The number displayed here is updated only once a day, so it may be different from the current number on your Overview tab, which is updated in real time.
    • Organic - Followers you gained naturally, without advertising.
    • Acquired - Followers you gained through Sponsored Updates and/or Company Follow Ads.
  2. Follower Demographics: A breakdown of who's following your company using 5 types of demographic data. Use the dropdown menu on the right to see seniority, industry, job function, company size, and more.
  3. Follower Trends: Showing how your number of followers has changed over time. Use the dropdown on the right to select preferred date ranges.
  4. How You Compare: Your number of followers compared to other companies.
Visitors section

The visitors section contains information on visitors and viewers of your page. This information was previously available under Page Insights and was moved into the Analytics tab.

  1. Page views: A graph showing how many times your Company Page was viewed. If you have a Career Page, you'll see page views for this too. You can adjust the date range with the drop-down menu.
  2. Career Page clicks: If you have a Career Page, this graph shows you how many times viewers clicked various elements of your Career Page. You can adjust the date range with the dropdown above.
  3. Unique visitors: A graph showing how many LinkedIn members visited your page. This is similar to page views, but removes duplicate visits to a single page such as when a member refreshes your Company Page or navigates away from it, but returns later. You can adjust the date range with the drop-down menu.
  4. Visitor demographics: This is a graph showing a breakdown of who's visiting your Company Page using 5 types of demographic data: Seniority, Industry, Function, Company Size.

Learn more about how seniority levels are determined for Company Page analytics.

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