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How has the look of my homepage changed?

Last Reviewed: 03/11/2015
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We've made a few key design changes to the homepage to make it easier to discover and interact with what matters most to you. Please note the new design will be gradually rolled out to all members, and we can't take requests to grant early access. Here are some of the new features and key changes:

Keep In Touch Box

  • Found in the top right of the homepage, the Keep in Touch box consolidates your connections' updates such as birthdays, profile updates, new jobs, work anniversaries, and more. Learn what you can do from the Keep in Touch box.

Top Section of the Homepage

  • The most popular actions and profile information is now front and center at the top of the homepage, next to your profile photo. From here, you can click links to:
    • See who's viewed your profile
    • Who's viewed your updates
    • Edit your profile
    • View your connections
    • View suggested jobs, and more
    • Notes:
      • The type of information available in this section varies by your activity on LinkedIn and rotates on a daily basis. You may not see the same statistics every day.
      • Other statistics that were listed on the right side of the homepage can now be found in this section. Sharing an update hasn't changed. Learn more about sharing.

People You May Know

  • This feature is revealed after clicking through the updates in the Keep in Touch box. It can also be found in the LinkedIn feed.

LinkedIn Feed

Other Changes

  • Ads are now directly below the Keep in Touch box.
  • The You Recently Visited feature has been removed from the homepage.
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