Viewing, Adding, or Editing a Contact's Information

How do I view, add, or edit contact information for my Contacts?

Last Reviewed: 05/28/2014
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You can view, add, or edit contact information for any saved contacts:

  1. Move your cursor over Connections at the top of your homepage and select Keep in Touch.
  2. Scroll past the updates and click the name of the contact you'd like to edit. This will take you to their profile if they're a LinkedIn member, or their contact record if they're not.
  3. Click the Contact Info tab at the top of their profile.
  4. Click Edit contact info.
  5. Click the Edit icon next to any field you'd like to change.
  6. Click Done editing.

Note: You're not changing information on this person's profile. You're adding information to the contact section as it appears to you. This information is visible to only you.

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