Skill Endorsements - Overview

What are skill endorsements and what are their benefits?

Last Reviewed: 04/02/2015
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Skill endorsements are a great way to recognize your 1st-degree connections' skills with one click. They also let your connections validate the strengths found on your own profile. Skill endorsements are a simple and effective way of building your professional brand and engaging your network.

Receiving endorsements:

Scroll down to the Skills & Endorsements section on your own profile to see endorsements you've received. You can add any skill to this section. Accumulating a high number of endorsements for a skill adds credibility to your profile, and shows that your professional network recognizes you have that skill.

Note: You don’t need to ask for a skill endorsement to receive one. You’ll also be notified by email when you receive an endorsement.

Giving endorsements:

Endorsing others is a great way to recognize your colleagues for the skills you’ve seen them demonstrate. It helps contribute to the strength of their profile, and increases the likelihood they’ll be discovered for opportunities related to the skills their connections know they possess.

Endorsing your colleagues also helps keep strong connections with the people in your network. You may find that after endorsing a colleague from the past, it’s easier to reach out to them because you’ve recently been in touch.

Click a link below to learn more about skill endorsements.

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