Endorsing Someone’s Skills

How do I endorse someone's skills?

Last Reviewed: 04/14/2015
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To endorse a single skill already listed on someone's profile:

  1. Scroll to the Skills & Endorsements section of a connection's profile.
  2. Click the name of the skill, or the + sign next to the skill.

If you're using the site in English, you can endorse a connection for multiple skills at once:

  1. Go to a connection's profile.
  2. Move your cursor over the Down arrow in the top section of their profile and select Endorse.
    • A box will appear above the profile that might contain pre-filled skill suggestions.
  3. Type in a skill. Note: You must select from the options that appear as you type.
  4. Click the X next to any pre-filled suggestion you don't want to endorse them for.
  5. Click Endorse.
    • The box will then display suggested endorsements for more of your connections. Click + Endorse under each connection, or click View more to see more suggestions.
    • Click Close when done.

After you endorse someone, your name and picture will appear next to the skill on that person's profile. They'll also receive an email. The most endorsed skills will move to the top of the Skills & Endorsements section.

Your connection will have to approve the endorsements for suggested skills not yet listed on their profile before this happens.

Note: The window that displays 4 people to endorse may not always appear on profiles you view and your homepage, and the option to 'Endorse all 4' at once is no longer available. You can go to individual profiles and follow the steps above to endorse connections one at a time.

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