Supported Providers and Content Types for Work Samples on Your Profile

What are the compatible file types and content providers for media samples on my profile?

Last Reviewed: 03/31/2015
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Check out this site to see a list of supported content providers you can link to from your profile. Please note that not all providers may work.

Note: Some content providers not listed may work, but members may see a "Read Original" button that they'll need to click to see your content. All links must have a public URL to be added to your profile.

File formats and sizes supported for uploading content to your profile
  • File size may not exceed 15 MB
  • File type is limited to:
    • Presentations
      • .pdf
      • .ppt
      • .pps
      • .pptx
      • .ppsx
      • .pot
      • .potx
      • .odp
    • Documents
      • .pdf
      • .doc
      • .docx
      • .rtf
      • .odt
    • Images
      • .png
      • .gif
      • .jpg
      • .jpeg

Learn more about adding work samples to your profile and see how you can build a top-notch profile.

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