Sharing Content From Other People’s Updates

What happens when I click the share link under someone's update?

Last Reviewed: 05/07/2015
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You can share content posted by others by clicking the Share link under their updates. You'll only be sharing the URL, not the original poster's commentary or comments from others.

When you click the Share link under an update, you'll have the following options:

  • Click the Edit link below the the content description at the top of the box to remove or include the image and keep the source notation. If the content description is edited, the source notation is automatically removed.
  • Click the arrows under the image shown to scroll and select another image to accompany your share.
  • Select Share with:
    • Share with Public or Connections: Select your audience by clicking the sort arrows in the box.
    • Post to group(s): Post an to selected groups and send a network update to group members.You can also mention someone in your update by typing @ followed by their name.
    • Post to Twitter: Post the update to your Twitter account by checking the box that reads Connect to Twitter.
    • Send to individuals: Send a 1:1 message to the LinkedIn inbox or email address of any connections you select.
  • Enter a comment or message.
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