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What is the Contact Info button on my profile?

Last Reviewed: 02/26/2014
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The Contact Info button on your profile contains your own contact information. Some information is visible only to your connections, while the rest of it is visible to those in your network.

Information that’s visible to your connections:

  • Email
  • IM
  • Phone
  • Address

Information that’s visible to your network (1st, 2nd, 3rd degree connections, and those you share groups with):

  • Twitter
  • Websites

Information that’s visible to your network (1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree connections):

  • Websites
  • Sina Weibo
  • Tencent Weibo

Please note that your email address is pre-filled based on what you have entered as your primary email address on LinkedIn. You must intentionally fill in the other fields. Otherwise, they’ll be blank. Also, your contacts on LinkedIn have the ability to edit the fields in this section when they view your profile.

  • The edits they make are only visible to them. They don't have the ability to change any information on your profile, only the contact information they have stored for you.
  • What each of your contacts sees when viewing this section of your profile may vary from viewer to viewer based on the information they’ve entered.

Learn more about editing the Contact Info section.

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