Finding People on LinkedIn

How do I search for someone on LinkedIn?

Last Reviewed: 11/24/2015
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To search for a specific person on LinkedIn, type his or her name into the search box at the top of any LinkedIn page. You can select from the suggestions in the dropdown list or submit your search for the full set of results.

You can narrow your search by using specific criteria such as location, school, or industry:

  1. Click the Advanced link to the right of the search box or at the top of the search results page.
  2. Use the filter options on the left side of the search results page.

From the search results page, select a member's name to view his or her profile. You can also message, connect with, or follow someone by clicking the button within their profile information. Move your cursor over the arrow to reveal additional actions.

Learn how to refine your people search results. Read how a member found her dream career after searching through LinkedIn profiles.

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