Moderation of Your Posts in Groups

Why are my posts going through moderation in my groups?

Last Reviewed: 09/17/2014
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While we rely on group management to determine the appropriate level of moderation for discussions in their groups, we also support an auto-moderation feature that helps group members and managers minimize unwanted content such as self-promotion in their own and other groups. By monitoring how people respond to contributions, we can gauge the likelihood of unwanted content being repeated from group to group.

Here are some of the most common reasons your posts are being moderated:

  • You promoted the same message in multiple groups at once. If you try to share the same link (or links from the same domain) with multiple groups, the system may prohibit the link from being shared. This is because the same information is not typically relevant to numerous groups.
  • You shared a job as a general discussion as opposed to listing them under the Jobs tab. You can only share content to a group as a discussion when using a 3rd party sharing widget. We recommend you post jobs to individual groups by selecting Job as the discussion type. This will make sure it's placed on the correct tab.
  • Your discussion promotes your site or other sites. For example, your discussion contains a URL to a commercial site that tries to sell a product or service. We recommend you select Promotion as the discussion type when your post promotes events, blogs, real estate opportunities.
  • Your discussion had inappropriate words or content and was not professionally oriented.

Based on the feedback trends, some members may become subject to moderation in their groups for a period of time. If your posts are being moderated, here are some things to know:

  • During the moderation period, your posts won't display immediately and must pass through your group's management team before they appear publicly.
  • The moderation period can last from a few days to a couple of weeks. The duration of this period and the number of affected groups can vary depending on the number of occurrences.
  • You can ask the group's management to approve your specific post or remove you from moderation for their group if you need to post. We suggest you share the instructions for changing a member's posting permissions when you contact them.
  • If a group's management doesn't think you require moderation, they can update your permissions for their group at any time.
  • Check with your group managers if you have questions about the relevance of your content and read more about best practices for contributing in groups.

Learn more about this moderation feature and how it works. To learn ways to avoid being subject to moderation in the future, check out our best practices for contributing in groups.


  • The mechanism that changes a member's posting permissions is automated and can't be reversed by LinkedIn Customer Support.
  • Changes to posting permission are driven by a combination of factors, so it's not specific actions of any individual that places you in a moderation status.
  • We're committed to protecting all our members' privacy, so we're unable to share specifically who flagged your posts.
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