Sponsoring Company Updates on LinkedIn

How do I Sponsor a Company Page Update?

Last Reviewed: 10/07/2015
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Important: To sponsor a Company Page update, create and post an update to your Company Page. Once your update is posted, you can promote it.

To sponsor an update:

  1. Log in to Campaign Manager.
    • Note: You can access Campaign Manager by moving your cursor over Business Services at the top of your LinkedIn homepage and selecting Advertise.
  2. Click Create campaign.
  3. Click Select under Sponsored Content.
  4. Complete the fields and click Next.
  5. Select content (organic updates from your Company Page, as well as Direct Sponsored Content from in other campaigns that you have not yet sponsored in this campaign.
    • Note: You can create Direct Sponsored Content by clicking the Create new sponsored content link. You must be a Company Page admin or Direct Sponsored Content admin to create new updates.
  6. After selecting content and/or creating new Direct Sponsored Content, click Sponsor selected button.
  7. Click Next.

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