Sponsored Updates - Overview

What is a Sponsored Update?

Last Reviewed: 07/22/2015
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Sponsored Updates allow companies and organizations to raise awareness, build relationships, and drive quality leads through their Company Page Updates. These updates appear within the LinkedIn Feed on the homepage of members who fit the targeting criteria set up by the advertiser. They reach beyond the current followers of a Company Page and are seen by targeted members across desktop, mobile, and tablet devices.

  • Sponsored Updates are Company Page Updates that are promoted by a company, brand, or other organization through the Campaign Manager.
  • If you're an administrator of the Company Page, you can sponsor a Company Page update any time after you've posted it by creating a campaign to promote your update.
  • We recommend creating a Business Ads Account to create campaigns and sponsor updates. If the company is listed on your profile as a current employer, you can also sponsor an update for that company via your individual ads account.
  • Advertisers pay for Sponsored Updates based on the number of LinkedIn members who see the update (CPM) or the number of clicks they receive (CPC).
  • Sponsored Updates can be shared further to connections of a member who likes, comments, or shares the Sponsored Update.

Read our Sponsored Updates best practices or frequently asked questions.

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