Stopping Invitation Emails to Join LinkedIn

How do I stop receiving invitations from members to join LinkedIn?

Last Reviewed: 03/16/2015
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If you're not a LinkedIn member and want to stop getting invitation emails to join LinkedIn, unsubscribe here or click the Unsubscribe link in the footer of that email.

LinkedIn members can manage the type and frequency of email they receive from LinkedIn.

Non-members can permanently stop receiving all communications related to LinkedIn by adding their email address to the Do Not Contact list.

Email addresses on this list:

  • Are fully blocked in the system and can't receive any LinkedIn emails.
  • Can't be associated with a LinkedIn account. Any existing LinkedIn account with this email address will be closed.

To add an email address to the Do Not Contact list, contact Customer Support. In the future, if you change your mind and want to use an email address from the Do Not Contact list for your account, please ask Customer Support to reactivate it.

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