CAPTCHA Security Image Not Visible When Prompted to Verify

What can I do if the security image isn't showing up?

Last Reviewed: 03/05/2014
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We're aware of an issue where some people who use Internet Explorer 8 can't create or access their account because the CAPTCHA security image doesn't appear.

  • If this happened to you, you may have seen a security verification message that said, "Type the characters shown in the image above", but you didn't see an there's no image. If you click Continue, a security warning message asks, "Do you want to view only the webpage content that was delivered securely?"

We're sorry for any inconvenience this issue may be causing. Please know that we're working on a solution, and you don't need to contact us to report the issue.

As a temporary workaround, please try using a different browser like Firefox or Safari. Or, you can adjust your Internet Explorer 8 settings.

To change settings for Internet Explorer 8:
  1. In the Internet Explorer window, click the Tools menu.
  2. Click Internet Options.
  3. Click the Security tab, and then click the Custom level button.
  4. Scroll down to the Miscellaneous section and find the Display mixed content subsection.
  5. Select Enable, click OK, and then click Yes.
  6. Go to and click Sign in.

See the attached document below for screenshots of the pages that repeat in a loop and instructions for changing Internet Explorer 8 settings.

Note: If a document is not available in your language, we'll provide the English version as a visual guide.

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