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What features are available on a Showcase Page?

Last Reviewed: 03/26/2014
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Showcase Pages let you extend your Company Page presence to additional aspects of your business, and offer many of the same features as Company Pages. However, there are some differences with Showcase Pages due to their different purposes.

Key features of a Showcase Page:
  • Distinct design includes a larger hero image.
  • Two-column feed design to highlight the most relevant content.
  • Attract a distinct set of followers to a dedicated page.
  • Deliver updates directly in the feed of your followers across mobile, tablet, and desktop.
Features for both Showcase Pages and Company Pages:
  • Analytics - Note: Showcase Page analytics and Company Page analytics are calculated separately.
  • Sponsor updates from the page
  • Feature groups on the page
  • Managing content through social media management
  • Appear in search results for searches and Ads business accounts on LinkedIn
  • Following - Followers and follower counts are not shared between Showcase Pages and Company Pages. Followers can choose to follow as many pages they'd like. Followers from the parent Company Page cannot be migrated or carried over to a Showcase Page.
Only available for Company Pages:
  • Associating employee profile with a company
  • Associating job posting with a company
  • Career Pages - Showcase Pages don't have Career Pages. The Career Page for the Company Page is a great channel to showcase your employment brand and culture. This page has a variety of targeting capabilities that allow you to promote the right opportunities to the right audience. If you still need a Career Page that is distinct from your parent company’s Careers Page, then we recommend you create a Company Page for this part of your business.
Relationship between Showcase Pages and Company Pages:
  • A Showcase Page can only be associated to 1 Company Page.
  • At this time we are not able to migrate a Company Page to a Showcase Page but we are exploring the opportunity have this feature available in the future.
  • Ads - The only advertising placement for Showcase on the page is a 1x1 text ad at the top of the page.
  • Vanity URL - only a basic version exists for Showcase, but it's not customizable.
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