Customizing a Company Page for Global Audiences

How do I customize my company's page for global audiences?

Last Reviewed: 04/17/2014
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If you'd like your Company Page to reach members around the world, here are some options we offer:

  • Targeted company updates - Updates can be targeted to the geographic locations and languages that their audiences are in.
  • Additional admins - You can add other admins from regional offices and have them send company updates targeted to their region.
  • Localized company names and descriptions You can display your page's name and description in over 20 languages. Members will be able to see what your page shows for their language. If you haven't added language-specific information, they'll see the default name and description.
  • Affiliated Company Pages* - If you prefer not to provide regional teams access to the parent Company Page or if your regional teams need a fully distinct page presence, they can create an affiliated Company Page to represent their local market.

    *Important: Using affiliated Company Pages can make coordination between teams more challenging. It can also be more challenging for members to discover your page. We strongly recommend adding regional teams as admins to existing Company Pages and Showcase Pages before creating an affiliated Company Page.

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