Long-Form Posts Featured in Pulse

How can the long-form posts that I publish be featured in Pulse?

Last Reviewed: 09/23/2015
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The long-form posts that you publish on LinkedIn can be pulled into Pulse and included in the Pulse section of LinkedIn's homepage. Whether and when this occurs is determined by an algorithm and other variables that match the right content with the right professional. This assures that every member sees customized professional news and insights that are meaningful to them.

If you'd like to optimize for the likelihood that your long-form post will be featured in Pulse, you can:

  1. Write content that's relevant to specific channels, such as Green Business and Professional Women.
  2. Write content that resonates with your connections, followers, and target audience. The most meaningful and high-quality long-form posts will be promoted through member feedback, including views, likes, comments, and shares. Note: These are some of the metrics taken into account to determine which long-form posts should be included in our Top Posts section.
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