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How do I get my published or blogged content featured on LinkedIn Pulse?

Last Reviewed: 07/10/2015
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If you represent a publication such as The New York Times or or have an external blog, you're considered a publisher. A publisher's content can be featured on Pulse when there's an InShare button on the website All the news articles featured on LinkedIn – the homepage module, Pulse, Channels and email updates – are powered by what members are sharing on the network. Without the InShare widget, content is invisible to the algorithms that parse and distribute the right headlines to the right professionals.

To fulfill these requirements, please follow the steps below:

  • Add the InShare widget to your website to enable members to share your content on LinkedIn (required).
    • Take a look at our SlideShare deck to learn more about the InShare Program.
  • Use a Company Page to build an audience of followers on LinkedIn (recommended).

If you have any additional questions regarding how to feature content on LinkedIn, please reach out to Please note that not all inquiries will receive a response.

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