Changing, Adding, or Removing Your Email Address

How do I update the email addresses for my account?

Last Reviewed: 05/01/2015
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You can add, change, or remove email addresses for your LinkedIn account from the Account section on the left side tab near the bottom of your Privacy & Settings page. We recommend that you have at least one personal address and one work address registered to your LinkedIn account. To access or make changes to your account you'll need to use any email address assigned to your account and know the password.

Note: We currently don't offer the ability to add or edit email addresses on a mobile device.

To add a new email address:

  • Enter the email address.
  • Click Add email address.
  • Go to that email account and click the link in the confirmation message. An email address must be confirmed before it can be made your primary email address.

To select a new primary address:

  • Click Make Primary next to a confirmed email address. Your primary email address is where you want emails from LinkedIn to be sent.

To remove an email address:

  • Click Remove next to the existing email address. You can ensure proper email delivery by removing any email addresses you no longer use or have access to.

Note: To remove a primary email address, you must first make one of your secondary email addresses your new primary email address. Only then will the Remove link appear next to the email address.

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