Notifications for Requests to Join My Group

How do I get notified when someone requests to join my group?

Last Reviewed: 12/05/2013
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If you're a group manager, a small icon with a plus sign will appear below the group name on the Your Groups page when someone requests to join.

You can manage the requests to join a group by:

  • Clicking the plus sign icon if it appears on the Your Groups page.
  • Or

  • Going to the Requests to Join page within the group.
    1. Click Groups at the top of your home page.
    2. Click the group name.
    3. Click the Manage tab.
    4. Click the Requests to Join link on the left.

Note: LinkedIn doesn't automatically send notifications to you when someone has requested to join your group. Pending members do have the option to send the group manager a message to ask about their pending status.

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