Creating Text Ads

How do I create a Text Ad?

Last Reviewed: 02/08/2016
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Once you create and activate your LinkedIn advertising account, you can start to create and manage your ad campaigns.

To create a new Text Ad:

  1. Log in to Campaign Manager.
    • Note: You can access Campaign Manager by moving your cursor over Business Services at the top of your LinkedIn homepage and selecting Advertise.
  2. Locate the account where you want to create the Text Ad.
    • Note: If you're advertising for the first time, click Add Account and complete the fields.
  3. Below Account name, click the account that holds your campaigns.
    • Note: If you have multiple accounts in Campaign Manager select the correct account.
  4. Click Create campaign and click Select Text Ads.
  5. Complete the fields and click Next.
  6. Select a Destination and enter your Text Ad content. When completed, click Save.
  7. Add any additional creatives and click Next.
  8. Select your target audience and click Next.
  9. Enter your bid type, bid and budget and click Launch Campaign.

Note: You can have up to 100 text ads within a campaign.

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