Targeting Options for Ads and Sponsored Updates

What are my options for targeting an ad or Sponsored Update?

Last Reviewed: 11/11/2014
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When creating an ad or Sponsored Update, you can choose to display it to specific viewers based on their industry, job function, seniority, geography, and more. We won't show your ad to members who don't meet your specified criteria. As you select your targeting options, we'll show you an estimate of the audience size you'll be able to reach.

Targeting options include:

  • Location (Example: US, California, or Los Angeles) – required field
  • Company
    • Company Name (current employer on member's profile)
    • Industry
    • Company Size
  • Job Title
    • Specific Job Title
    • Job Function
    • Seniority
  • Schools
  • Degree
  • Field of Study
  • Skills (Example: HTML or Project Management)
  • LinkedIn Groups - up to 100 active groups
  • Gender
  • Age

To increase the reach of your campaign, you can enable Audience Expansion, which will allow your campaign to reach members similar to your target audience.

You can also exclude specific locations, companies, job titles, schools, degrees, fields of study, skills, and groups. There is a maximum of 100 selections permitted per targeting option. It’s not recommended to select more than 20 items per option. Try to keep your target audience between 60,000 and 600,000 members, as this range has the best history of success.

Note: All of the targeting options offered are subject to change.

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