Showing or Hiding Activity Updates About You

How do I control the updates I broadcast about myself?

Last Reviewed: 10/07/2015
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Updates will immediately be visible on your Recent Activity page and broadcast to your network when you make changes to your profile. Learn how to view your Recent Activity page.

  • Your Recent Activity page is not the same as your homepage. You must go to your Recent Activity page after making any change to confirm that they were broadcast.
  • While the majority of your updates appear on your Recent Activity page for 14 days, this duration varies depending on the type of activity. Learn more about how long updates show in your recent activity.

You can disable these updates by unchecking the box in your activity broadcast setting, accessible from the Privacy & Settings page.

You can also adjust the activity broadcast setting while editing your profile:

  1. Move your cursor over Profile at the top of your homepage and select Edit Profile.
  2. Toggle the button in the Notify Your Network? box on the right to either Yes or No.

Some of the changes that trigger updates are:

Note: You can turn the notification off when you make a new connection by hiding your connection list.

While you can limit most of your updates, the following will be posted regardless of your activity settings:

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