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  1. LinkedIn Professional Community Guidelines

    LinkedIn is a company that aims to put its members first when it comes to making important decisions. Millions of professional conversations and shared insights are being...

    Last Updated: 04/01/2015
  2. Applications Data Use

    The LinkedIn APIs Terms of Use restrict how these applications can access information, and applications are contractually obligated to respect privacy settings. When you add...

    Last Updated: 08/10/2012
  3. Closing Your Account

    Closing your account means shutting off your profile and removing access to all your LinkedIn information from our site. If you have a Premium account, you can cancel the...

    Last Updated: 04/14/2015
  4. Supported Providers and Content Types for Work Samples on Your Profile

    Check out this site to see a list of supported content providers you can link to from your profile. Please note that not all providers may work. Note: Some content providers...

    Last Updated: 03/31/2015

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  1. Hello. I'm a recruiter and I use LinkedIn regularly; running a search right now and after a few views, I got this message: "you've reached the commercial use limit on...
    3 responses 0 votes Search Limit
    Asked by Elliott Ellingson on 8/31/15 09:50 am
  2. Please visit the following links for more detail, Welcome to send your e-mail to:...
    Asked by Song Kim on 8/31/15 11:40 am
  3. I would like to hire through linked-in, and would like to add a company page for the new company before posting the job. I already have a page for my branding company, which...
    1 response 1 votes Company Page, Company Pages
    Asked by Jon Rawls on 8/31/15 12:47 pm
  4. In the past you could click and drag, but when I try to do now, all the jobs in the experience section move at the same time.
    5 responses 0 votes Move Sections
    Asked by Jim Stanbrough on 8/30/15 07:08 pm