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  1. How do I create two separate accounts? Right now, I have one account that combines my primary career (microbiology & pharmaceutical quality) with my hobby (saltwater...
    3 responses 1 votes Creating Separate Accounts
    Asked by Bob Friedel on 2/24/14 12:32 pm
  2. I have a full time job I started in Sept 2012-Present. This is the job I want highlighted. That is to say... at the top.. my main Experience. However, I started a side job...
    Asked by Dave Hill on 5/28/15 07:04 pm
  3. I have noticed that the new message center has issues. None of my messages are accessible now. They show in the message preview up in the top left when I hover over the icon,...
    7 responses 0 votes Message
    Asked by Carita Demery on 10/09/15 01:10 pm
  4. Have a Note 3. Single sign-on and adding account does not work. LinkedIn contacts show, but are not synced properly with all other contacts. I have tried a dozen times...
    Asked by Jeremiah McMillan on 11/16/15 08:03 pm
  5. I signed up for a trial of Premium in early September to see who'd viewed my profile. I generally wasn't interested in the service, so I cancelled it right away to be sure I...
    2 responses 0 votes Cancel During Trial
    Asked by Adrian Bauer on 10/01/15 09:37 am
  6. Since a few days, I get exactly one LinkedIn message per day from somebody who accepted my invitation, although I have never invited him. I already followed the discussion on...
    3 responses 0 votes Invitations Without
    Asked by Thomas Lückerath on 4/23/14 09:40 am
  7. I have a couple of connections I need to delete. How do I eliminate them?
    3 responses 0 votes Delete
    Asked by Christine Rice on 8/17/14 06:43 am
  8. I have NEVER allowed LinkedIn to access my address book. I have been prompted several times, but I NEVER did. Now I see most of my address book on LinkedIn. These are people...
    Asked by Dea Wilson on 3/22/13 01:43 pm
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