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  1. I found this instruction in your help "1.Click Save search in the top right of your results page, next to the Settings icon." But, when I do a search in LinkedIn I do not see...
    3 responses 0 votes Saving A Search
    Asked by JP Harris on 3/29/15 03:47 pm
  2. I have received a charge of $899usd on an anual subscription without any notice, approval request not anything! I don´t need it and dont want it please help!!
    Asked by Martina Rossi Conde on 3/05/15 11:48 am
  3. I would like to move around my profile employment status
    2 responses 0 votes Employment Statu
    Asked by Chrissy Vandegrift on 3/29/15 11:02 am
  4. 2 responses 0 votes Company Page Manage
    Asked by Scott Wright on 3/30/15 03:54 am
  5. Hi Team, I unable to send the invitation. Please activate it and resolve the issue ASAP. Regards, Sadiq
    2 responses 0 votes I Am Unable Send Invitation
    Asked by M.S. Aftab on 3/29/15 12:28 pm
  6. Hello!! I cound not reach the customer service through the website this eveing. I wanted to alert everyone that I received a spoof using Linkedin's logo and other trademarked...
    2 responses 0 votes Spoof U
    Asked by Brian Mosley on 3/29/15 07:46 pm
  7. LinkedIn automatically imports all my contacts on gmail. When I delete contacts on gmail, why aren't those same deleted contacts automatically deleted on LinkedIn? Seems...
    2 responses 0 votes Contacts, Gmail
  8. Whilst Viewing a public has Home Website link, Facebook link, and another that says "RECENT VIDEO" i had it go to a video showreel, but now i wish to update...
    2 responses 0 votes Profile View, Recent Video
    Asked by Joe Simiana on 3/30/15 12:18 am
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