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  1. On the home page bottom right had column, LinkedIn used to show your Your LinkedIn Network , # of connections and total number of professionals in your network. Since LinkedIn...
    4 responses 0 votes Number In Network
    Asked by Thomas Powner, CPRW, CEIP, CCMC, CBBSC on 3/02/15 08:55 am
  2. I just added my new company and can't find it in the companies list. Where is it?
    6 responses 0 votes New Company Page
    Asked by Tim Krauss on 3/02/15 11:15 am
  3. Hello, I have a Basic account. I used to see a pie chart on the far right column with a number telling me how many people viewed my Update/Blog Post. Now, it is a generic link...
    24 responses 2 votes Who Has Viewed My Updates
    Asked by Tracy Koe Wick on 11/07/14 08:26 am
  4. I sent an invite to a business colleague I met at a presentation, however when I pressed the 'Connect' button, rather than allowing me to personalise the invite and remind...
    4 responses 0 votes Connection, Invite, Personalise
    Asked by Mandy Johnson on 3/01/15 05:48 pm
  5. When I go to the section, I can no longer see or post notes?
    4 responses 0 votes Pulse Post, Notes, Disappearing Posts
    Asked by Sara Speer Selber on 3/02/15 09:34 am
  6. I am having a problem changing photos, (other than profile pic), removing existing and adding a cropped photo to replace since I can not center my existing photos. I need a...
    4 responses 0 votes Photo Aspect, Updating Photo
    Asked by Tony Quintero on 3/02/15 03:51 pm
  7. For a few days, LinkedIn does not show me my number of connections...
    12 responses 0 votes Connections, Number Of Connections, Number
    Asked by Chris Farmer on 9/09/13 07:54 pm
  8. I noticed that after UX LinkedIn redesign a week or so ago (Feb 2015) I do not see the number of views for my status updates and links I have shared. I have a basic account....
    2 responses 0 votes Status Updates, Views Of My Post
    Asked by Dragana Djuricic Mendel, MBA, MCS on 3/02/15 10:53 am
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