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  1. When looking to set up a company page for a family business, I hit a brick wall. I see that this has been an issue for 2 years. Why isn't LinkedIn accepting any of the...
    Asked by Rachel Dawn Fudim Davis on 8/28/15 02:08 pm
  2. Dear All, Song Audio Ltd., is ready to accept any request for providing Live Demonstration upon request by sending your e-mail to: or call...
    7 responses 0 votes Live Mail
    Asked by Song Kim on 6/09/15 09:13 am
  3. Hi there, I did a 30 day trial of sales navigator but it was too complicated I didnt know what it was for & dont think it was useful in my case? THerefore I am requesting to...
    2 responses 0 votes 30 Day Trial, 30 Day Free Trial, 30 Days
    Asked by Sophia Brooks on 8/28/15 05:10 pm
  4. I just noticed this but for some reason, my "additional information" only has an option to add birthday (month, day) but not year (which would actually be usefull). The year...
    2 responses 0 votes Birthday, Year, Year Of Birth
    Asked by Mikko Haapasaari on 8/28/15 04:45 am
  5. Hello I created a website with Office 365 and I want to add the usual LinkedIN button so visitors can follow me on Linked by clicking on it. How can I do that?
    2 responses 0 votes Plugins, Office 365
    Asked by Caroline Vendette on 8/28/15 08:33 pm
  6. can you please provide customer service #?
    Asked by Alison Daoust on 3/15/13 11:26 am
  7. Why would I continue to pay for service when I am invited to join a group and am denied due to "having too many groups" I am being asked to join a group... And I am cannot due...
    7 responses 0 votes Limits
    Asked by Brent James Hammes on 12/16/13 10:39 pm
  8. Error while accessing my URL -
    2 responses 0 votes Direct Access To My Profile, 404 Page
    Asked by Bahniman Kakati on 8/28/15 12:36 pm
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