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  1. How do I remove someone who claimed they worked for my company and was never an employee?
    14 responses 1 votes Remove Someone Who Claimed Work
    Asked by Brad Skrip on 5/07/13 01:20 pm
  2. I am employed by two companies for the same job title/description and would like my LinkedIN profile to reflect that. I am able to put a comma (,) to separate the two...
    Asked by Amin Mehr on 4/14/15 12:10 pm
  3. I hate the new format...go back to the way it was.
    2 responses 0 votes Hate Linked In Now
    Asked by Jay Cohen on 2/11/16 10:46 am
  4. I can not find the Sort By Location filter option. When I click into Contacts, and I then click on Filter By, I get only four options: Company Tag Title Source. Where are the...
    12 responses 0 votes Sorting Contacts, By Location
    Asked by Hart Hooton on 10/22/13 10:32 am
  5. On my home page I click on "All Updates" / "hidden" / there are 2 tabs here / "up date type" and "hidden". Who are these contacts? Why are they hidden? and if you...
    6 responses 0 votes Hidden
    Asked by Lewis Cowan on 6/14/13 08:20 pm
  6. Please help me, my profile keeps standing on editing. I don't want to edit I just want to be on the page without the edit buttons on.
    4 responses 0 votes Stop Editing, Only Edit
    Asked by Marieke Swaneveld on 1/07/15 09:46 am
  7. Our area has several "companies" that list about 20 VOLUNTEER positions and I would rather just not see options from these companies.
    10 responses 0 votes Job Search Results, Block Companies
    Asked by Wes King on 10/06/15 08:37 am
  8. I have tried on a number of occasions to carry out a connection search but i just get the egg timer (or wheel as it is now) and no results. Anyone help?
    14 responses 4 votes Connection Search
    Asked by Marie Stephens on 11/06/15 09:43 am
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