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  1. Does this Publishing Platform also work with Company profiles? If so, is it the same process?
    8 responses 1 votes Publishing Platform
    Asked by Bryan Kelley on 2/20/14 03:42 pm
  2. Hello, I was exchanging contacts between my email box and LI profile. I was not clicking add all. Instead I was unmarking all contacts from my list and selected just those...
    17 responses 0 votes Withdrawing An Invitation
    Asked by Svetlana Solovyova on 10/29/13 05:25 am
  3. When we want to add company page laways see this error :We're sorry that a New company cannot be created at this time. For further questions, please Contact us using the...
    2 responses 0 votes Create A Company Page Error
    Asked by home shop on 4/19/15 12:31 am
  4. When I try to reply to a message, the system try to lead the reply box and stays in loading state indefinitely (10 minutes or so) until I delete the page. Why is this and how...
    42 responses 2 votes Reply To Message, Freeze
    Asked by Matteo Martini on 12/22/13 06:44 pm
  5. I was recently "ousted" from the group the Blog Zone: Where Bloggers discuss blogging and I cannot understand why. It is very useful to me and I believe that I can contribute...
    3 responses 0 votes Groups, Exclusion From Groups
    Asked by Katy Voulgaris on 4/18/15 04:59 am
  6. Anyone else having this issue? It keeps asking me to Save and Refresh but it won't let me upload an image to a post.
    1 response 0 votes Blog Post, Image Upload, Image Uploading
    Asked by Erin Reese on 4/18/15 05:07 pm
  7. When I attempt to send a message to a contact that is not a LinkedIn Connection, I get a popup box that says, "You must integrate your email account to be able to send this...
    74 responses 13 votes Integrate Email
    Asked by Rick Martinez on 11/10/13 03:35 pm
  8. I go to Edit page, remove the old text and add my new company description, and then click Publish. I get a message that it was published successfully. The only thing is, the...
    6 responses 1 votes Edit Company Page, Company Description
    Asked by Malin Hellqvist on 6/27/13 07:32 am
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