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  1. Having searched the linkedin 'help' feature in vain for information on this, I've found instructions on the web that refer to a right-hand bar on the LI homepage where I can...
    4 responses 0 votes Summary Section, Box Net
    Asked by Catherine Mallorie on 6/29/15 11:50 am
  2. Dear Sir, pls send your number this email thank and regard. sunil shinde. 8097541868
    5 responses 0 votes I Want To Talk To Somone
    Asked by sunil shinde on 9/25/14 02:35 am
  3. I get many group and discussion updates each day from LI, which is my choice. I am heading off for an extended off-the-grid holiday, and do not want to return to a huge...
    2 responses 0 votes Turn Off Notifications
    Asked by Jim Smith, PCC on 6/29/15 11:43 am
  4. Not intrested in those group emails, not important topic, occupying lots of space, will not reply t h ose messages, unnecessary topics.
    2 responses 0 votes How To Stop Email
    Asked by LORIE C WEEDEN on 6/29/15 11:20 am
  5. I believe some has hacked my account ! In two days two people have accepted invitations I never sent. How do I report such instances.It's not clear how to send an email to...
    Asked by Giuseppe Romanello on 10/09/13 02:55 pm
  6. how to create company page just for testing purpose?
    2 responses 0 votes How To Create A Business Page
    Asked by Mahendra Garg on 6/29/15 09:34 am
  7. I've started receiving "What's new in your group" emails: "All the best conversations in just one email You're now getting just one email with the highlights for that day...
    2 responses 0 votes Group Digest Emails
    Asked by Simon Hetzel on 6/29/15 04:00 am
  8. I just posted a Congrats! to a Connection's Work Anniversary including a personal message and my phone number. How do I delete? I got messed up and thought I was sending a...
    8 responses 1 votes Remove Post
    Asked by Ben Bitzer on 10/10/14 08:54 am
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