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  1. My updates this week have only been feeding across into the groups that I selected, they are not feeding into my home page. They are from articles I either read and clicked on...
    Asked by Ian Woodward on 7/31/15 08:29 am
  2. Today I found out that LinkedIn had sent out an unknown number of connection requests, without any action from me. It is very embarrassing and unjustifiable, totally...
    Asked by Stratos Laspas on 7/30/15 06:02 am
  3. I received a mail from John Bass how was offering a job. this profile had been deleted. I would like to know if it's a fake profile and if Honshu Medicare is a fake company ?'...
    8 responses 0 votes Fake Company, Fake Jobs
    Asked by Amin Louahadj on 7/28/15 10:24 am
  4. when I check my profile ,I don't see my updates.
    3 responses 0 votes How Can I See
    Asked by Eman Bassiouny Rohayem ,B.Eng,Ph.D ,PMP) on 1/15/14 07:30 am
  5. Some how I have two accounts registered under two different email addresses. how do I merge them
    10 responses 0 votes Merge Account, Merging Accounts
    Asked by Dori Kinley on 3/29/13 06:57 am
  6. 2 responses 0 votes Recommendations
    Asked by John Rubino on 7/31/15 10:29 am
  7. I have a UK VAT registered business and according to the 6th EC Directive, article 21 para. 1b. I should not be charged VAT when invoiced by a VAT registered business in...
    6 responses 0 votes Vat
    Asked by Colin Edgar on 6/18/15 04:35 am
  8. Is there a way people, when they initiate a "So-and-so would like to connect on LinkedIn." they can (or I can ask before I decide to connect) "Why" they want to connect?
    5 responses 0 votes Why Connect With Me
    Asked by Bob Scarfo on 10/20/14 08:45 am
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