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  1. I would like to change my message is which automatically sent to someone when I want to add him to my connection. The current msg is in French I want to change it in English....
    Asked by Clemence Loupil on 2/21/14 06:47 am
  2. It has been days since I last logged in and about 20 minutes ago my boss told me I had invited her to join me on Linkedin. I did not request this and I am very angry. Please...
    Asked by Kim Whyte on 5/13/13 07:44 am
  3. SITUATION: I spend a lot of time scrolling through the People You May Know section of my LinkedIn App on my iPhone5. I can easily click to invite someone without entering...
    Asked by Chris Campanile on 5/02/13 09:35 am
  4. Anyone have an answer for my problem?
    Asked by Steve S. on 4/03/13 01:40 pm
  5. Every few days I get an email saying "You are now connected to...." but I don't know these people and I never sent the invitations. How can this be stopped?
    6 responses 1 votes Automatic Linkedin Invites
    Asked by Marcelo Ballario Yoshida on 4/02/13 09:43 am
  6. I would like to change the auto-signature in messages and invites. Ideally, I would like to create my own signature and message templates. Is this something I can do now?...
    Asked by Liz Hughes on 3/21/13 01:27 pm
  7. For some reason, LinkedinIn has sent invites to all my hotmail contacts, which I did not request. How do I remove these invitations?
    Asked by Sonia McPherson on 2/28/13 06:59 am
  8. Dear LinkedIn, My account (email removed), is unable to add connections. I request you to allow me add new connections and invitations, as most of my work is done with the...
    Asked by Prem kumar on 2/26/13 03:16 pm
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