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  1. Virus Scanning for File Attachments

    When attaching files to a message from your inbox, a virus check is performed on each of the files. If any of the files are infected, the message will be sent without that...

    Last Updated: 01/23/2015
  2. Finding Sent or Archived Messages on Mobile

    It is not currently possible to view sent or archived messages on your mobile devices. Until this feature is released, you can use our regular site to view...

    Last Updated: 04/21/2014
  3. Auto Responding to LinkedIn Messages

    We currently do not offer automatic responses for messages sent to you through LinkedIn messaging. However, we constantly review ways to enhance our products. Visit our blog...

    Last Updated: 09/24/2015
  4. Canceling an Invitation

    In many cases, you can cancel an invitation to connect if the recipient has not yet taken any action on the request: Hover your cursor over the Add Connections icon at the...

    Last Updated: 10/07/2015

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  1. I can not reply for my messages. In inbox I can not read my messages.
    28 responses 0 votes Inbox
    Asked by Réka Balogh on 1/09/14 08:49 am
  2. I can't open or view my messages in my inbox, it keeps saying error on page. I can see that I have new inbox messages however I can't read or access them. I have tried to...
    60 responses 0 votes Inbox
    Asked by Danielle Ward on 9/26/13 06:46 am
  3. I can see my Inbox but it is all in lighter (faded) colour and is not available i.e., I cannot open any message and proceed.
    15 responses 0 votes Inbox
    Asked by Murtaza Lotia on 1/04/14 09:54 am
  4. Every time a reply or a message is sent to more than one receivers; A: The sent message can not be opened again. B: The following message appears: "Weâre sorry. The Inbox is...
    20 responses 0 votes Inbox
    Asked by AIhad Kotharé on 2/15/14 06:07 am